ACT’s ‘recipe for success’ for staying out of poverty

In light of today’s news that ACT leader Jamie Whyte believes most children are poor because their parents are addicts, I thought it was worth briefly posting some comments made last week by ACT’s Auckland Central candidate Dasha Kovalenko.

Speaking at a forum on poverty that I chaired, Kovalenko, a 25-year-old junior lawyer, said there was a universally accepted “recipe for success” for anyone wanting to stay out of poverty.

She told the forum, organised by the Waiheke Budgeting Services, that this recipe had four elements:
1. “Complete your schooling”
2. “Get a job”
3. “Avoid getting pregnant”
4. “Get married and stay married”

In response to howls of laughter from the predominantly left-wing audience, she insisted: “It’s true, it’s true.”