Want to reduce income and wealth imbalances in New Zealand? Below are some places to start.


Closer Together – Whakatata Mai – reducing inequalities is a project based on the vision of a fairer and more equal society through reducing income inequality. It is free to sign up and show your support for Closer Together – Whakatata Mai and reducing inequality. Find out more here.


The Living Wage Aotearoa NZ campaign argues that our communities would be better off if people were paid a Living Wage of $19.80 an hour. Modelled on overseas campaigns that have lifted the pay of thousands of workers, it has already won converts in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton. Organisations can chose to adopt it at any time; no law change is required. Find out how you can support the movement here.


The Closing the Gap campaign is dedicated to the idea that more equal societies are healthier and better for all. Its website hosts debate and opinion on income inequality. Visit the site to see if there’s a Closing the Gap group near you. Find out more here.