Latest polling shows massive fears over inequality

UMR Research have just released their latest Mood of the Nation report (not online yet), and it shows huge public concern about our widened income gaps.

The key findings are:

Concern  Fully half the country is “very concerned” about inequality, with a further 37% “somewhat concerned”; just 13% say they are not concerned about it

Egalitarianism  72% of New Zealanders do not think we are an egalitarian country anymore

Growth  71% of New Zealanders think inequality is widening (even if the data for 2008-12 shows it relatively steady)

Damage  78% think our increase in inequality has been bad for the country; just 2% think it has been good

This ties in with other polling, from Roy Morgan, showing that inequality has leapt into the public consciousness in the last couple of years, and is, alongside poverty and imbalances of wealth, the biggest issue in people’s mind.

No wonder all the politicians are talking about it…

4 comments on “Latest polling shows massive fears over inequality
  1. Hi Max,
    Good post.
    Can you provide a link to the data that says 2008-12 shows inequality is relatively steady?
    Also interested in the trend over a wider time period.

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