Inequality: fostering the debate

Welcome to the start of a conversation about inequality. This is a joint project between myself, as the editor of the recently published Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, and the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services, one of the book’s supporters.
We’ve created this site as a way for people to understand more about inequality – and as a way for us to let people know what’s being done to raise it as a public issue. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be talking about inequality in the media, and publicising events and lectures on the subject. (The Upcoming Events page has details of the latter.)
Inequality is a huge, complex subject, and people have a great array of opinions about it. We’re certainly not pretending to have the final word. But we do think the evidence shows that wide income gaps have serious effects on a country’s health, wellbeing and economy. Inequality is one of the most significant and complex issues we face, and deserves serious debate.